Solutions for immigration and relocation professionals

Accept payments digitally from your local and international clients. Offer instalment payment plans to your clients. Get access to powerful accounts receivable analytics.
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Accept Payments + Instalments + Receivable Analytics

Accept payments digitally. Enable instalment payment plans. Access powerful accounts receivables analytics.

For Immigration & Relocation Professionals
Accept client payments digitally using our open banking core solution. Enable your clients to pay their legal fees with instalment payment plans. Your clients receive personalised comms (SMS or email) in a language customisable for each of them (English or Spanish). Get access to powerful and actionable accounts receivable analytics and KPIs. Learn more

Enable ‘Pay Locally’

Enable your international clients to pay your fees in the same way as they would pay their bills back home.

For Immigration & Relocation Professionals
The immigration journey of some applicants starts in their home country.  Enable your clients to pay your legal fee in the same way they are used to paying their utility bills back home. Through our integrations, your clients pay in their local currency using local payment methods, you receive the funds in your bank account. Learn more

Optimise how and when you get paid

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