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Let us partner together! We have different partnership programs that might be suitable for your organisation. Interested to partner? Reach out to us and let’s start a conversation!
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Case study:
L.A.-based Immigration Lawfirm

"Payink has been a game changer for our firm. We get paid faster by our clients and have real-time visibility over our receivables. It is easy to use and set up and plugs into our existing practice management system and our payments processor. We can customise the automated SMS messages for our clients, including whether they are sent in Spanish or English, which is very helpful. As a busy immigration law firm, we get to focus on more consultations, as opposed to following up on outstanding payments and doing manual reconciliations. Most importantly, our clients like the experience, so we are winning more clients and referrals on the back of it."
Petro Kostiv, Managing Partner, Kostiv & Associates (LA, California)

Case study:
Orlando-based Immigration Lawfirm

"We have found Payink immensely helpful for our firm. Our clients have been asking us whether they can pay their fees via instalment payment plans. The Payink solution enables us to offer this now at 0% financing, so we can have empathetic and open conversations about payment plans, and onboard new clients that we wouldn’t have been able to do so previously. Our clients like the personalised SMS comms - we can select whether this is in English or Spanish for different individual clients. Since implementing Payink, we’ve been getting paid faster, and have improved our collections and cashflows."
Ana Senior, Managing Partner, Ana Senior Law (Orlando, Florida)

Affiliate Partner

Refer & Earn Are you CPA / professional / consultant? Become an affiliate by introducing us to clients  that would benefit from using Payink. You do the introduction, and we will do the rest. Once the referred clients are on board, you start earning a monthly referral fee. As simple as that!
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Software Vendor

Integrate & Earn Payink is a software solution at its core integrating to clients through a single API. If you are a software provider or a systems integrator serving Payink’s target industries, reach out to us to discuss integration prospects with Payink. You can offer Payink as a complimentary service to your existing portfolio and earn a monthly fee.
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Gold Partner

Partner & Earn If you are an Independent Sales Organisation (ISO), have existing relationships with some of Payink’s target clients, we can train you up so that you can articulate our strong propositions to your clients, so that they can get on board with Payink. You drive the process and check in with the client, with our help and support at each step. Once the clients are on board, you start earning a monthly referral fee. As simple as that!
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